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  • Breast cancer - Out of adversity comes opportunity

    I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and nurse. Latterly, I am a business partner of Kate Maurice in Skarlette Limited. I didn’t think that was something to grow out of breast cancer; but out of adversity comes opportunity. Breasts can be lumpy bumpy areas for us to get to know, making it difficult for us to recognise something suspicious. Women need to do their self-checks both standing up and lying down. Beginning of the month, then it’s easy to remember, and this is women from their 20’s, not just older women.  That’s the opening chapter to my first experience with breast cancer. Four years ago now. Such a lot has happened since then. To be embarking on a new business with this quite unique lingerie for flat women with our Skarlette, is another massive chapter in my life that I had no idea would ever be something.