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Heather and Kate are delighted to announce Skarlette's very exciting collaboration with Cody Gapare founder of C-Lash. Shopping for post-surgical lingerie or for false lashes and finding information and inspiring stories to empower women, boost confidence and improve well-being can all be accessed in one place. Between C-Lash and Skarlette we want to make living with and after breast cancer that bit easier. 

Skarlette Limited is a lingerie brand founded by two friends one of whom has had double mastectomy surgery. C-Lash was founded following Codilia’s breast cancer diagnosis and the need for false eyelashes suitable for women going through chemotherapy. The two companies will be supporting each other and many women to accomplish common purposes.

Their shared experiences and individual expertise enables Skarlette Limited and C-Lash to offer a richer experience for visitors to their websites. Through their collaboration women facing the unique challenges brought about by living with or after breast cancer will be able to find more tailored support and will help them to thrive and live better lives.


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