Skarlette - Worn your way

Skarlette worn your way, with attitude, confidence and femininity.

With advances in pattern development, and Kate's attention to detail of Heather's shape as a flat woman following a double mastectomy, the Skarlette is continuing to be a popular lingerie choice because it incorporates a lacy and sexy design.

With every summer dress or winter woolly, or even in the bedroom, Skarlette has your back. Whether you fall in love with the soft luxurious fabrics, the thoughtful design or its sheer sexiness, we love seeing Skarlette worn your way!


Skarlette is empowering women to feel beautiful in their skin - breasts or no breasts. Jackie and Heather above are both flat following a double mastectomy. Jo (centre) had a single mastectomy and immediate reconstruction. Each of them embracing their bodies and showing just how Skarlette can be worn your way.

Have you heard of Maggie's on the Runway? A very special event which takes place beneath concorde. It has a special appearance from their ambassador Rick Astley, and has catwalk models each with their own cancer story... well Jackie wore her Skarlette on the runway in front of hundreds of people showing enormous attitude, confidence and femininity. She looked beautiful, radiant and proud and that delights the founders of Skarlette Limited.

Worn your way, Skarlette is helping women to feel strong and fearless, boosting confidence and helping women to love their bodies again. The delicate fabrics, the stretch and softness and the thoughtful design allows women to move without restriction or discomfort. This is just the beginning of the story for Skarlette with opportunities and excitement around every corner. Featuring on a catwalk was a very proud moment. 

We completely understand that the Skarlette might not be yours when it comes to lingerie because of the flat cups - though these are fitting small chested women beautifully. However, this doesn't mean you need to steer clear of it forever, as Skarlette are developing their lingerie range much further.

It's all about being comfortable and confident in what you're wearing. Reviews tell us that women barely notice they are wearing Skarlette lingerie - that's a great achievement - nothing worse than that feeling that you want to rip your underwear off as soon as you're through your front door! Worn your way, the Heather or the Ella, women are feeling fantastic.

Look at Tina Martel here, the beautiful sassy founder of Not in the Pink; feeling fun, sexy and flirty. A bra isn't a physical necessity when a woman has had her breasts removed, but emotionally and psychologically, all women deserve to have beautiful lingerie to suit their shape. We're almost conditioned by society too, to wear underwear, so much so, it's almost as routine as breathing!


Did you see the back? The beauty and convenience of easy poppers at the front, and the sexy sportiness of a racer back all adds to the comfort factor with the Ella.

Worn your way, whatever way that may be, is the only way to wear your Skarlette. Be proud, feel confident, experience sexy and start your day, everyday, with a boost to your mood and self esteem. Just watch how your body language changes and your behaviour becomes more confident.

Thanks to Jo Kerfoot @jos_breastcancer_diary

Tina Martel @not_in_the_pink

And Jackie Wilson for beautifully modelling their Skarlettes.

Maggie's on the runway

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