Inflammatory Breast Cancer – Reconstruction isn’t for everyone

Inflammatory Breast Cancer – Reconstruction isn’t for everyone


Although all women who are unlucky enough to be needing breast cancer surgery should be supported to get the right breast reconstruction for them, there are times when this isn’t advised, particularly when Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) is the diagnosis. Inflammatory Breast Cancer – Reconstruction isn’t for everyone. Skarlette is our silver lining to breast cancer surgery.


IBC is an aggressive form of breast cancer that doesn’t always present as a lump but can show as a rash, bruising, thickening of the skin, inverting of the nipple or as several other symptoms including pain in or around the breast area. We urge you to get checked as soon as you are able if there are any changes to your breast, or you or your partner notice anything unusual.


As an ambassador for the charity Prevent Breast Cancer, I am passionate about raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer because early detection and treatment has a much more favourable outcome. IBC can often be a trickier breast cancer to diagnose, but it is so important that women feel empowered to advocate for themselves to get the investigations and treatment that they may require. Much more research is needed so that women diagnosed with this form of breast cancer have a faster diagnosis, treatment plan and improved prognosis.

Ongoing research will increase the understanding of how IBC begins and progresses. This knowledge should enable the development of new treatments for women diagnosed with this disease. It’s important that women who are diagnosed with IBC talk with their doctor about the option of participating in clinical trials, as it’s only through these trials that diagnosis and treatment will improve.

There is work ongoing looking at this specific, more rare type of breast cancer, and there are some useful links with lots more information below. At Skarlette, we are so pleased that women who undergo mastectomy for this disease, leaving them flat, can find our lingerie which is designed specifically for their needs. Reconstruction isn’t for everyone.

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