Two Weeks Til Christmas!

Two weeks til Christmas and Skarlette has it all wrapped up for you. What a busy few months it has been and we're looking forward to a rest! Flat bras and pants have been flying out everywhere...

Our latest addition to our flat bra is our beautiful camisole. This piece of lingerie can actually be worn as underwear or as a pretty top under a jacket. We have designed the first cami in the exquisite black and white lace used for the Heather Skarlette prototype and the lycra is the softest and silkiest fabric which feels amazing against your skin. Best part? Women who do have breasts can also comfortably wear the Skarlette cami too.

Even better? Together with our flat Skarlette bras, knickers and thongs, the cami and our heavenly scented wax gifts are all available with up to 40% off until Christmas Eve. If that's not a gift then what is?!

We can't throw our swimwear into this offer as that's still in development, but what a treat we're all in for in 2023. Remember to follow us on our social media channels so you're the first to see how we're getting along and find out when we'll be launching our Skarlette swim range.

It will be available for spring in the UK, but as we have customers from America and Canada, across many parts of Europe, all the way to Australia and New Zealand, it'll be swimwear weather all the time somewhere for our Skarlette customers! We're really enjoying designing our pieces and choosing fabrics, just as we do our flat bra patterns and materials.


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