The birth of Skarlette®

Kate's first attempt at making the lingerie to my requirements. Having had no experience in this area, she produced an amazing garment that I fell in love with.The concept of this lingerie was born from experience of living completely flat. For some women reconstruction isn’t possible or fails and for some women it just isn’t wanted, neither are prosthetics. For some women, going “braless” can be liberating! However, for many, femininity remains hugely important. Feeling attractive and sexy as healing and recovery take place is essential for the repair of psychological well-being after such a grueling regime of treatment and experiences. Women need to be empowered to feel whole and beautiful in the absence of breasts.

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  • I had my right breast removed about 20 years ago, I had an implant put in straight away, however after about 15 years the implant turned sceptic, and I had to have it removed.
    So I now have one side flat and the other side normal, I did try an false one, in the side I had the implant in, but, it was a very bad fit, so disregarded that.
    Do you have bras for my problem, ( one side flat, one side normal)
    Thank you.

    Brenda Anderson.

    Do you cater for bras for my problem

    Brenda Anderson

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