Skarlette is getting bigger

Skarlette is getting bigger this July, both literally and in the world of business!

When we ask our customers what we can do to do better, the response is mostly "Make bigger sizes". Before I entered the world of business and manufacturing, I didn't appreciate just what was needed to do this.

However, Skarlette is getting bigger, and all products are now available in XL! Of course we have wanted to offer a comprehensive range of sizes from the beginning, but that means having plenty of money to achieve that. What we love at Skarlette is this growth journey. We don't want to get to the finish line without everything we learn, everyone we meet and the ups and downs along the way.

It is a great sense of achievement for Skarlette to be getting bigger, and we will continue to grow, one step at a time. Check out our SIZE CHART to help guide your choice of products.

Just after our first birthday, Skarlette was selected as a finalist for two separate Awards events. The Enterprize Vision Awards 2022 (EVAS22) recognise our New Business efforts and achievements and we'll find out on the 23rd September if we are winners.

Skarlette is getting bigger nationally too, and has been selected for either a silver or gold award in the Best Businesswomen Awards. We look forward to a trip to London on the 30th September to reveal this one.

We do what we do for the women that can benefit from my experience and Kate's talent, to help restore some confidence to women and to provide attractive lacy lingerie for women with flat chests after cancer surgery. Every woman deserves to feel feminine and if we can help, then that is reward enough. However, to be recognised in the businessworld for our efforts and achievements, will only help to promote awareness of our brand, and ultimately, help us to reach more people, and continue to help Skarlette to get bigger.

There's more too, but that's for another time...

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