Rhia was diagnosed aged only 26

My name is Rhia and this is my story.

December 2020, the year the global pandemic started, I was diagnosed with Triple Negative, Grade 3 Breast Cancer. This is a rarer type of breast cancer making up only 10-20% of typical breast cancers. I was 26 at the time, pending many future aspirations to come within this chapter of my life.

Chemotherapy started quickly in the new year, following fertility preservation where myself and now Fiancé underwent IVF to freeze embryos. During this time, I also found out the cancer was not genetic, but instead, in the words of the specialist ‘very bad luck’. After 5 and a half months of chemotherapy, and all the physical and mental side effects that come with that, I went on to have a double goldilocks mastectomy to remove my breast tissue, nipples and tumour site in hope of preventing the cancer from returning.


I was amazed to see how many women, through research and reaching out, have also gone through this at such a similar age- The breast cancer community were, and still are, my saving grace!


I came across the Skarlette lingerie company on social media. I was so relieved to know that there was an option for me to wear underwear after losing my breasts, to still make me look and feel feminine. Overcoming cancer was a blessing, but the impact it had on me physically - ie losing all of hair and both breasts, at such a young age, was difficult to deal with.


I ordered ‘The Heather Skarlette’ set. Lacey, black and beautiful! The fabric was so soft and none-irritating on my mastectomy scars. I remember trying the set on and bursting into tears of joy. I was thankful to know there was an option for me and many more women to come - thank you!  


From Heather & Kate - Rhia, thank you so much for sharing your story and raising awareness that this disease makes no exceptions with regard to age. We wish you and your fiance the best of wishes with starting your family.

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  • This is an amazing story❤️


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