Prevention of Breast Cancer is Better than Cure.

Pink ribbons, cowboy hats, the message that’s often the same - discover it early and you’ll be fine - isn’t necessarily true for all. Prevention of Breast Cancer is Better than Cure. 1 in 3 of all breast cancer patients will die of the disease. This 1 in 3 includes some of those women who are diagnosed early and are then discharged to continue with their life.

Breast cancer charities, on the whole are, looking for treatments and cures for this disease - after the horse has bolted. They are researching different drugs and treatment options to make a difference to those people diagnosed early with breast cancer, helping to prevent them from going on to develop metastatic disease, and to change those statistics above.

However, prevention of breast cancer is always better than cure. Before any detection of breast cancer, it’s the screening that needs to be targeted and the Prevent Breast Cancer Charity (PBC) need the funding to carry out their research and make changes to the screening programme. PBC are unique in their research as they are looking to do just what their name says.

31 women lose their life every day in the UK to breast cancer. Take breast cancer awareness month - 31 days in October; 31 deaths a day: 961 women and 6 men will be dead of breast cancer alone. It’s the biggest killer of women under 50 in the UK. The only thing that will change this figure is research, education & awareness and a whole new approach to the screening programme.

Awareness campaigns and the pink fluffy narrative can make the disease seem OK, and in turn, makes breast cancer seem an easy cancer. No cancer is easy. Raising awareness, providing education from a young age and ensuring sufficient funding for research to make a positive impact must be the way forward.

At Skarlette, we aim to donate a proportion of our profits from the sale of our lingerie, to the charity Prevent Breast Cancer to help support their work. We hope to raise awareness amongst people not affected by this disease and to spread the work of the charity to help improve breast health awareness. We are determined to boost the confidence of women who have suffered the effects of breast cancer treatment and body image altering surgery, to help them accept, celebrate and love themselves and to provide them with beautiful and specially designed lingerie they have waited so long for.


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See for information about the charity, their research and how you can get involved.

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