What have the Skarlette team been up to recently? working on our new swimwear collection and more

So, what have the Skarlette duo been doing lately? 

Well, our revolutionary lingerie brand, which continues to empower flat-chested women, helping them to feel beautiful and feminine, regardless of their body shape, providing a unique blend of fashion and function, is very close to exploding into swimwear too!

Coming from our highly contrasting professional backgrounds as commercial airline pilot and nurse, has proven so beneficial over 2023.

We’ve needed patience in bucketfuls, meticulous attention to detail, extraordinary determination and lots of creativity, because we’re dedicated to making a difference to the lives of flat chested women.

Skarlette is entering the beginning of a new era in the swimwear industry. Some might call us fussy and demanding, but with Kate’s design and sewing skills, we’re bringing a unique touch, as Skarlette is a brand that truly understands flat chested women and their needs, and we always aim to deliver.


mastectomy swimwear

Our vision and shared mission for Skarlette remains at the heart of the brand.

(Heather’s) personal experiences drive the mission of Skarlette enabling the design of luxurious products perfect for a woman after double mastectomy who remains flat. Keeping a positive outlook and determination is intwined in the brand’s culture – it’s just as well, as we’ve needed that mindset with the many challenges arising over the last 6 months.

Balancing the demands of motherhood, work, health issues and Skarlette, has been testing. If you don’t face these challenges though, how can you learn just what you’re capable of?

Developing resilience, feeling accomplished, earning that sense of achievement and ultimately succeeding is what Skarlette aspires to; to continue empowering women.

frills and ruffles


Very shortly, our NEW Skarlette bikini and tankini sets will be available to pre-order, along with a beautiful complimenting sarong.

You WILL look stunning on the beach

You WILL look stunning at the pool

You WILL look stunning by the river! Wherever you wear yours, we would LOVE your photos. 

Send them to us, or tag us on social media @theskarlette and let’s give flat closure mastectomy surgery more validation.


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