Skarlette's INDX Lingerie & Swimwear Show

Skarlette's first apprearance at the INDX show was fabulous. The opportunity for buyers to come and see and feel our lingerie in person, listening to their comments, well it made both of us (Kate & Heather) feel very proud.


We loved explaining just what makes Skarlette different to other mastectomy bras, how this is a bralette for scars. The feedback we received from bra fitters, boutique owners, prosthetic fitters and other brands was, largely, that they couldn't believe this didn't already exist!

The increased demand for flat closure and flat swimwear and lingerie was something that was frequently commented on. We were praised highly for taking the initiative to design and manufacture our lingerie, and many hats were taken off at the knowledge that we have achieved this by manufacturing in the UK!


We had such a positive experience and result and are very happy with our 3 days spent in Solihull. For the first time since launching, our lingerie is on its way to a little boutique in Wiltshire. Amelie Devizes is yet to launch her website but you can find the boutique via her facebook page for now. A flat chested woman won't enter a store that they feel doesn't serve them, so we're incredibly pleased and proud to know that very soon, in Wiltshire, they absolutely can!

We achieved something else that wasn't immediately on our agenda, but we can't share that gem just now. What we can share, is a preview of the swimwear prototypes that we took down to the show. We didn't have our finished garments, but really couldn't pass up this opportunity to share our new category Skarlette swimwear range which will be available in a range of gorgeous bold colours. What do you think?


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  • Very cute! Can’t wait!

    ellyn winters-robinson
  • I absolutely love skarlette lingerie and I am a proud flat U.S. A. ambassador of this beautiful woman owned company!
    And I have been so excited about this upcoming swimwear line! It is so exciting to see the beautiful color ways as well as the feminine details of ruffles! I can’t wait for it to be in my closet to take it for a swim and show off my beautiful flat chest the next time I’m on the beach feeling confident in something I know will fit and feel fabulous on my body just as their lingerie does!
    Cheers to Skarlette for a job well done and Flatties everywhere that have been waiting and needing this!


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