Out of adversity, look for opportunity - Skarlette is definitely an example.

Out of adversity, look for opportunity - I found it was a no-brainer to launch our own product when Kate had created the most beautiful piece of lingerie for me - a flat chested woman. So that's what we did.

Five years ago, in my mid 40s I first experienced the pain of hair loss through chemo. Who would've thought this would hurt? Imagine the tightest ponytail in your hair for hours and that tingle when you let it down. My hair fell out in handfulls, as many of you will have experienced, but I was staying at relatives and was so embarrased. It left such a mess, and left me with bald patches - thankfully I took my wig with me.


However, once all that hair was gone, I felt quite liberated walking out with my bald head - especially going for my hospital appointments. It's incredible how much your hair keeps you warm though; I felt freezing cold the whole time so was often found wrapped up in a blanket or with my cosy dressing gown hood up. I think this helped to start shaping my whole attitude towards cancer, treatment, survival and options. 

So when it was necessary to have my first mastectomy, I wasn't able to have any form of reconstruction, and that was the most unhappy 12 months of my "breast cancer journey". Assymetry didn't suit me. The fear of cancer returning for a 3rd time in my remaining breast petrified me.

It sounds strange to say that I was relieved to lose my second breast, but I was. I felt even, I felt my risk of breast cancer reduce. I felt in control and my surgeon listened to me and respected my wishes. There started my journey of accepting my new body, embracing my new shape and celebrating the fact that this body had survived everything that had been thrown at it over the previous 3 years.

However, finding beautiful lingerie for my new shape was difficult, and this brought the opportunity to design our brand new products.

Listening to our customers brings us new opportunities. Their adversity, their challenges and frustrations and our connection with them, means that as we grow, we can design and produce exactly what they wish for. We just wish we could do it all at once!

Something our customers respect and value is our support of the charity Prevent Breast Cancer and through my ambassador role I continue to raise awareness of breast cancer and breast health. In order raise money too, I have taken the opportunity to rise to the 55k challenge over a number of weeks, looking to raise £1 for each woman diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the U.K. My running days seem to be over but I will always find a way!

Adversity is a part of so many peoples lives and a cancer diagnosis certainly brings this. There are some that find incredible opportunities to help others at these times, and achieve things they never knew possible. There are others, who people going through or living with cancer, couldn’t do without. So Skarlette and C-Lash have taken the opportunity to host the first North West Cancer Awards event in order to recognise and celebrate our heroes and we’re so excited for the Ball in October. 

Looking for the positive is a great mechanism for healing and recovery. Skarlette is passionate about helping people with their challenges and frustrations, fears and worries, to join our community of support and positivity and to FEEL so much better. It isn’t easy, but together it’s easier. 


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