Onboard the Boobee Campaign 2022

3 Years Ago Boobee became the mascot of Prevent Breast Cancer, determined to PREVENT BREAST CANCER for future generations.

Patron to the charity, Margo Cornish was the brainchild behind this campaign. Like the worker bee, always busy and working together, the BooBee campaign was made up of 100 Mancunian women whose lives were touched by breast cancer - Heather being one of them; their purpose - to fundraise, to empower peole, to inspire others and to engage people through personal experience..

Can you spot Heather in the photo above? Of course! That was the 2019 campaign bus, which spread awareness throughout Greater Manchester, and this year a brand new bus has been sponsored by the Manchester Airport Group. It looks fantastic and was officially launched for 2022's mobile campaign today.


As an ambassador for the Prevent Breast Cancer charity, Heather is busy on the 2022 campaign and Skarlette is proudly taking part too! If only it had been warm enough today for a Skarlette photo with the bus, however that's very unlikely in November in Manchester! Fortunately, the Queen Bee, painted by the talented Mancunian artist, and dear friend of Skarlette, Justin Eagleton, is housed within the Nightingale Centre at Prevent Breast Cancer's Headquarters, which meant it was far more comfortable for Heather to show off her Skarlette and pinch a quick photo opportunity.

The saddest thing to note of the Skarlette pictured above, is that when they've all gone, they've gone for good. No more of that beautiful teal lace, so Kate and Heather are desperately seeking something just as beautiful - this is definitely one of the most shopped colours in both designs and matching knickers.

So even though Breast Cancer Awareness month is behind us, Skarlette has several events this month, helping to raise awareness, raise money and increase the visibility of flat closure after mastectomy. That's good - breast cancer doesn't only happen during October and there are about 32 breast cancer deaths EVERY day and that's just in the UK. So let's keep the conversations going, keep sharing and raising awareness.

The Boobees will be doing this on the 19th November with the big Bedlam Bingo event, which will be emotional, uplifting, fun and inspirational. Skarlette will be there, and that is so exciting, meeting the beautiful models in the flesh! De-stigmatising flat chests and celebrating small breasts, helping to boost confidence, body positivity and femininity for women who have gone through breast cancer surgery.

Please continue to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, subscribe to our website, so that we can make our messages reach more people, and we can make sure as many flat women as possible are aware that Skarlette is made especially for their bodies.





























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