Invited to the Spa as a Flat Chested Woman

The priviledge of being invited to a Spa as a Flat Chested Woman was a wonderful experience for Skarlette.

A charity event for Prevent Breast Cancer and an opportunity to raise awareness of flat closure as a surgical option as part of breast cancer treament, is the type of event that we love to be present at.


We were welcomed by a crowd of very curious and complimentary women who were woo'd by our lingerie. Entering a spa as a flat chested woman in lingerie whilst everybody else was wearing a robe, did require a certain amount of guts (especially in a thong!).

Listening to stories of how breast cancer had touched differenct people, sharing my own story and giving information about different surgical options felt good. Naturally flat chested women fell in love with our lingerie and just felt so good to see something beautiful and attractive that was perfect for their body.

Women are so happy to talk, to share and to listen and that's how we can all make such a good difference. Being in a spa was the perfect opportunity for us to explore opinions for our upcoming swimwear too! 

So many women told me how beautiful and confident I looked swirling around the spa as a flat chested woman, wearing different Skarlette sets. That's all people saw - to some I explained I had had a double mastectomy - they didn't find that obvious.

As a woman who has gone through this surgery, you can feel that your flat chest is all that others see (and that's with clothes on). The confidence that our lingerie has given to me as a 51 year old flat chested woman is immeasurable.

Thank you Skarlette!

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