International Flat Day 7th October

Just one day a year, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, International Flat Day takes place on the 7th October to recognise all the women who have either, a single or double mastectomy without breast implant reconstruction.

Heather posing with scars

Aesthetic Flat Closure is being requested more and more and many campaigns take place to raise visibility of this surgical choice - not all surgeons are open to it.

Heather’s Flat Closure, lead to her becoming a co-founder of the UKs first flat lingerie with Kate. The Skarlette being designed specifically by flat women for flat women. Lingerie that offers femininity, confidence and choice for women who choose not to wear prosthetics.

What did going flat mean to Heather?

Accepting loss… taking control;

Reducing her breast cancer risk… relief untold;

Avoiding unnecessary reconstruction surgery & potential complications… getting her life back faster;

A new start… a different “Me”;

Another mission… to normalise flat closure.

The correct surgical decision after mastectomy, is the one which is made by the woman.

“Almost 4 years flat… it was the correct decision for me. To think that I’ll be celebrating with so many more flatties at the Miami Flat Retreat in a few weeks feels surreal and I’ll be so proud to be making that walk with so many inspirational women”.

Yes, at the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Heather is travelling to Miami to take part in Flat Retreat Miami and the Making Strides Walk with Skarlette! It’ll be a very busy and very emotional few days and it will be incredible to meet some of our customers face to face for sure. Being part of something so important in raising visibility for this surgical option, goes hand in hand with Skarlette’s values.

Heather wearing black Heather skarlette

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