Gorgeous Swimwear for Flat Chests

In honour of all the women who have struggled to find themselves gorgeous swimwear for their flat chested bodies; who are breaking barriers and overcoming challenges and who are journeying to self acceptance, self love or are already embracing their amazing bodies... It's Almost HERE!

Skarlette's customers are never alone with their struggles, Heather has had similar experiences and frustrations and many of Skarlette's Friends share their stories here too, to help every person visiting our site. So many customers ask, "When are you selling swimwear?" and this is something Heather & Kate have wanted for a while too, but the wait is nearly over.

Some say they like strappy and cheeky, some prefer a high waist and a sportier top to feel more confident - what would you choose? We think we've got something to suit all prefernces.

Society shouldn't dictate that we hide our scars and imperfections - these are our stories, they aren't flaws and we can feel stylish and sophisticated, just wait and see. No more gaping cups, no more endless searching for something that might do. 

Whether it's more full coverage, or you want to show a little more skin, Skarlette will soon have the bathing suit for you, designed especially for your flat chest. We have great fabrics, amazing colours and our unique styles, here's a little taster.

We're continuing to champion women globally who undergo aesthetic flat closure for breast cancer, unafraid to embrace their new shape, helping them to feel empowered, confident and beautiful in their own skin.

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  • Please add me to your email list for the newsletter. I just received my camisole and it is gorgeous! I look forward to seeing your bathing suits.

    Thank you

    Judy Feldman
  • Colours look fabulous; can’t wait to see the swimwear range! Exciting 💞

    Sue Pryde
  • Colours look fabulous, can’t wait to see the swimwear range! Exciting 💞

    Sue Pryde

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