Flat Retreat Miami welcomes Skarlette

Flat Retreat Miami welcomes Skarlette to our first international event! We're so very grateful to Renee Ridgeley of Stand Tall AFC for making this happen, and to the Flat Retreat organisers; Stacey, Sonia and Terri for embracing us and introducing us to our first retreat.

Renee being photographed by Cassie on Miami Beach

 Flat Retreat at The Making Strides Walk

Above are many of the community of breast cancer survivors who came to the Retreat and took part in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk at the Miami Dolphins stadium, along with around 12,000 people. Some wore Skarlettes, some wore T-Shirts and many walked showing their scars. Visibility of flat closure - the option with the lowest associated health risks and easiest recovery - is important and is an increasing surgical choice amongst women. That's not to say that women will be presented with this option or that their choice will even be honored. 

Defying cultural norms and challenging the stigma that women are "less" without breasts, by demonstrating this community thriving without breasts, supporting one and other, embracing their bodies and each other, and inspiring body positivity without shame or judgement, not only helps healing and recovery; it helps to inform, educate and empower, it helps to make mastectomy visible, because after breast cancer, we don't remain unchanged and we shouldn't feel that we need to hide.

We definitely weren't hiding at the Walk! It was a true celebration of survivors expressing love and confidence and the energy was palpable. Aesthetic Flat Closure was visible to many, generated conversations and offered inspiration and options to women due to have surgery. For our first time, it couldn't have been better!

Heather, Christine Handy & Renee Ridgeley at Making Strides Walk

Meeting women face to face, that Skarlette had been following and talking with virtually, couldn't have been better either. Flat Retreat Miami brought Heather together with Christine Handy, a breast cancer survivor, International motivational speaker, accomplished model, and best selling author, as well as Renee, pictured above. You can't beat meeting people in the flesh and it was a privilege to have been given this opportunity. Not only walking with them and the Flat Retreat Team, but we had the pleasure of a photoshoot with Christine on Miami Beach with our lingerie and swimwear! Here's some of the "behind the scenes" shots, we're so excited to see the photographs taken by Cassie...

It was so windy on the beach and the waves were roaring, which made hearing Cassie's gentle voice very difficult. She was heard to say that "Working with children and animals was hard, but working with us ladies was harder!!" That's so funny. What were we talking about? We were stood at the shore feeling incredible, feeling empowered, feeling beautiful and it was a 'pinch me' moment and one that we thoroughly enjoyed sharing.

We kept our Skarlette lingerie dry and away from the salty ocean, but Heather happily jumped in the waves in her Skarlikini. The colours were popping in the Miami sunshine and complimented the sky and the sea so beautifully.

Heather in the Skarlikini on Miami Beach

So the following day, at Biscayne Bay, the Skarlikini made an appearance aboard the cruise around Millionaire's Row. Miami weather was just perfect for beachwear. Joined by Kate, a Flattie who was on the Flat Retreat Miami, who hadn't anticipated needing swimwear... Well it was just perfect that she happened to have her newly purchased beautiful plum Skarlette beneath her sundress!

There were weeks' worth of experiences and memories made at the Flat Retreat, new friendships kindled with remarkable women and new customers feeling fabulous in Skarlette products, take a look at Brita below! There was confidence gained, happy tears shed, laughter and love in abundance... and we just want MORE!


A BIG Thank You from Skarlette 💗



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