Factory visit planning our launch of sexy lingerie for flat women

We did it! We have brought our production of the Skarlette® from London to Manchester. It made such a huge difference getting around the table and handling the fabrics and perfecting our patterns. Sexy lingerie for flat women is available to pre-order NOW, and we’re so excited!

Where is Skarlette® lovingly made?

Right here in Manchester at Ella & Me. This brand of British handmade lingerie was originally born from involvement in a television documentary, 'Mary's Bottomline', in conjunction with Channel 4 & passionate retail guru Mary Portas. Mary's been in the fashion & retail business for over thirty years and owing to her enduring & absolute passion for quintessentially English products, in 2011 she wanted to create an entirely British lingerie brand, with specific attention given to styling & comfort, delivering huge heaps of glamour to the wearer. So how lucky I are Kate and I having our sexy lingerie for flat women made here?


What’s different about the lingerie Ella & Me manufacture?

Their lingerie is made for women with breasts. It was great having the opportunity to talk with David and Paulette, explaining why our Skarlette® needed to be different. Our patterns have a flat triangle rather than a cup, and they have a deeper under-band (more like a bralette). I love passing on the knowledge and experience I have gained going through breast cancer, and helping people to understand why we have different needs. Breast cancer surgery and radiation treatment can leave ribs sore for many years. Breast cancer surgery can leave women with excess skin “dog ears” right where you don’t want them! Breast cancer surgery scars can be numb or can be over sensitive and our sexy lingerie for flat women considers all of these things.

How is the Skarlette® be made?

Our Skarlette® has carefully placed seams. This beautifully designed “by flat women, for flat women” lingerie, has fastenings to help wearing a Skarlette® feel easy and convenient. No garments pull over the head, making sore or achy shoulders less of a problem. What’s more, this sexy lingerie for flat women can be just that. We don’t need the wide straps of conventional post-mastectomy bras, which can make them less attractive, as we have no breasts, or breast forms (prosthesis) to support. So we can have dainty little straps and delicate beautiful stretch lace.

How exciting was the visit?

Ever heard the saying “Like a child in a sweet shop”? The gasp Kate made as we were shown through to the area where it all happens was just like this! The cotton bobbins, the laces, the soft and floaty rolls of fabric, the enormous cutting table (where it is all done by hand by the way), the machines… I could go on. Kate was in her element to say the least. To think of our Skarlette® being hand made here filled us both with enormous pride. Our strap line “stitched with love” could not be more true. 

What happens next then?

We have our first two designs of our sexy lingerie for flat women being made in different (more appropriate) stretch laces. This means that despite our patterns catering specifically to flat chested women who have undergone a double mastectomy for breast cancer, or even breast cancer prevention surgery, our Skarlette® will also beautifully and comfortably fit a woman with smaller breasts. This is really exciting for me personally, as I hope to help educate and empower women with regard to their breast health and breast cancer prevention. I hope to do this through our website, through our orders and through our engagement with women who may thankfully have never had to face a breast cancer diagnosis. Once we have sold our initial beautifully designed lingerie, we have so many more designs and colours to add to our range. Baby steps then giant leaps. Follow our journey and be part of our story.



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