Comparison of the best mastectomy lingerie by Skarlette

Lingerie for flat chested women, our Skarlette VS AnaOno VS Nicola Jane

A few of our customers have asked us what makes Skarlette different from other lingerie available for flat chested women, so we thought we we’d share with you, the limited products available for women who choose to embrace their flat chest, and still want to wear beautiful, delicate, lace lingerie.

Why you should choose our Skarlette lingerie for flat women

Our brand is born out of personal experience and is Designed by Flat women, for Flat women.

  • Designed to celebrate and embrace a flat chest following double mastectomy: no more cup gaps or gaping, no pockets or darts.
  • Feels empowering, every time.
  • The measurements, seams and fabric details are designed to hug your chest like the softest embrace. No digging in or riding up.

If you have chosen to be fabulously flat and wish to wrap yourself in a purposely made beautiful piece of lingerie that doesn’t disguise your shape using prosthetics, then you don’t have many places to look. If you’re looking for something more attractive than a cropped stretch vest, there aren’t many brands to choose from.

The Maggie and The Monica by AnaOno

The Maggie by AnaOno, is a wire-free bralette which has been designed to be worn if you are flat or have a smaller chest. The bra features soft stretch lace, fully lined soft cups, a wide underband with adjustable straps, plus pockets both sides to hold lightweight breast prostheses. 



The Monica, also by Anaono, provides support and coverage for any breast surgery, it has high sides, wide armholes and back to help support and cover breasts. The pocketed cups accommodate modesty pads or lightweight prostheses. 

Maggie Ana by Ono

The Myla Ribbed bralette By Nicola Jane

You may look at the Myla ribbed bralette by Nicola Jane; Providing light support, a practical, easy to wear bra with a lace trim neckline and full lace back. 

Pocketed both sides to incorporate a breast prosthesis and has adjustable straps.

Myla Ribbed bralette By Nicola Jane


What’s the difference between our Skarlette and the others? 

The difference with Skarlette: There are no cups or pockets, this bralette is intentionally designed for the woman who is happy flat. 

The advantage of this means our design doesn’t need to incorporate a large cup / pocket for the purpose of a breast form / prosthesis. 

Our flat triangle is feminine, petite and lacy.

The adjustable straps are narrower and dainty as they don’t need to support the weight of breasts or prosthetics and they look attractive if they peep out from beneath clothing.

Deep V neck clothing can be worn over a Skarlette without showing your lingerie – 

unless you want to! 

Heather black Skarlette

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