Best Businesswoman Silver Award Winners 2022

Skarlette's first Business Award!

Our real achievement is helping women to transform the way they feel about themselves having gone through breast cancer surgery. It's about helping to challenge those attitudes towards small chested women and the association with big breasts and femininity.

 That's how we really feel rewarded. However, we do feel extremely proud to have attended the BBWA22 at Wembley, London and to have been awarded with a silver award for our New Business start-up. It means so much to have this recognition, especially as neither of us had previous business experience prior to launching our beautiful lingerie brand.


We'd like to dedicate this award to all those around us who have helped us to achieve what we have so far. Whether that be patient and supportive family and friends or business coaches and mentors, we feel incredibly lucky to have the network of people around us to help us continue to succeed.


We're always so welcoming of guidance and advice - that's crucial in our opinion. We love meeting people, they're the most important factor. People are the reason we do what we do, and people are the key to helping others learn about our brand.


When we were at the awards, we met so many wonderful people who were so interested in our Skarlette products and they found it quite incredible that this didn't already exist. Exactly! That is the very reason that we're so passionate about offering our products and expanding our range... in fact, we'll soon be announcing more gifts which will be added to our website, as well as some beautiful new lingerie, so watch this space and subscribe to our newsletter so you're the first to know!


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  • This is amazing! Well deserved! So thankful for the mission you are on!!! Incredible women! Incredible products!


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