Debi Piper styling and flat fashions

Meet our new collaborator Debi Piper. Not only passionate about clothes, she wants to make women look and feel great by helping to style them and this is really important when considering flat fashions.

You may want patterns - but big and flowery or small and busy?

You may want frills, lots or just the one?

Then there's the neckline, the waistline, the colour... groan! 

As we get older our body, skin and colouring change, and then when you go through body altering surgery for cancer, these natural changes are compounded and can be all consuming and overwhelming. Confidence can be crushed. Shopping for clothes can turn into a nightmare.

This is why Skarlette and Debi Piper Style have joined forces to help women overcome some of these challenges. Debi has also been through her own breast cancer experience personally. This, along with many years as a graphic designer and commercial stylist, working on shoots across the world (including our Skarlette photoshoot most recently) and qualifying as a Women's Personal Stylist and Colour Expert, makes this an exciting addition to the Skarlette Family. Even better, Debi can provide a lot of her services virtually so our international customers can also benefit from her expertise! Click the logo to follow her facebook account.

If you want to follow Debi on Instagram, you can do this here.

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