KTN Women in Innovation 2022/2023 Applicants

The Journey of the Skarlette®

Lace fabrics, greater choices of colours and made at a price the everyday woman can afford. We kept this at the forefront of our minds with each of our decisions and designs. Upon conducting our own research with women living flat, we had everything confirmed. There were no surprises about what women were crying out for and we couldn’t get our Skarlette® made fast enough!


Here we have the very first prototype - made by Kate and loved by Heather. It looks pretty perfect but required a little tweaking and this was used as our template. This Skarlette® would become “The Heather”. Although it may look easy to create a bra without cups, darts or pleats, it was incredibly difficult – maybe that’s why there aren’t any of these garments on the market (not that we have found).

Basic sketches would be transformed into pretty designs by Kate and further developed into Skarlette® patterns, with knickers to match. Sewing bras and knickers was a new skill for Kate, but she rose to the challenge and created a number of designs. From pen to pattern to product!

A couple of examples of the sketches of our ideas as they developed, and were soon to be created in paper patterns. It was fun putting visions down on paper, and Heather loved seeing the intricate detail Kate would add.

And then there was no stopping her! At least the lockdown and this unusual way we have all been living gave Kate the opportunity to get stitching. Heather would receive the next prototypes through the letterbox and then there would be a video of said garment on our group chat!