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Skarlette® Limited - our values

Post-surgical lingerie for women who have suffered breast cancer has a well-deserved reputation for being rather dowdy and overpriced. We feel passionate about resolving both of these issues.  Our foundation is built upon the design and manufacture of attractive and affordable lingerie for women who have undergone surgery to treat breast cancer and live flat. Maintaining high quality and a more personal service is also fundamental to our values.

We have a huge sense of pride in The Skarlette®. Britain has a strong heritage of design and manufacturing and we imagine this adds value for our customers: you can be proud when purchasing your own “British made” Skarlette®. We believe that the pride and respect for our heritage is demonstrated in our creative designs of the Skarlette®: simplicity, yet sophistication of each individual pattern, along with our choice of beautiful materials, offers our customers items of lingerie for flat women hard to find anywhere else.

Quality and relationships matter to us and we believe the same applies to our customers. Faster delivery is possible to anywhere within the UK as our products are manufactured here. This means we can retain manufacturers and their skills needed to make the high-quality products that we are known for as a nation. As a result, you receive your products more efficiently. We hope to guarantee delivery within 14 days of every order placed.

Our brand celebrates British manufacturing and manufacturers, which has never been more important than it is now. Since Covid-19, the economy has been severely affected and now, more than ever, it is vitally important to provide opportunities and income to our community and economy. The more products that are made in the UK, the more job security and opportunities there will be.

The Skarlette® is stitched with love in Britain. We hope our customers, “Wear. Love. Wash. Repeat”. Most of all, we are pleased to offer an alluring alternative to reconstruction or prosthetics in order to find feminine and attractive lingerie at an affordable price.

“Revolutionising post-surgical lingerie at affordable prices - we have a culture to support our country and our customers by offering high quality, British made soft, sexy and feminine designs; The Skarlette® is designed by flat women, for flat women.”