This Is ME. These are my Survival Scars.

This is me. Beauty is not defined by our breasts. These are my survival scars and these were necessary to help me survive and thrive after breast cancer. These scars of mine are the inspiration behind the design of the Skarlette.

I’ve been vulnerable. I’ve cried. I’ve been angry and missed my old body since my double mastectomy. But this is the new me. I embrace my new look and I am driven and determined to normalise flat chests for the thousands of women who live like me after breast cancer surgery.

I’m grateful for this body of mine. It's like my battleship. My body fought hard to keep me alive and I bear the war wounds. Having tolerated and survived everything it’s been through, I have deep gratitude for my body and I won't let society make me feel any less worthy or feminine.

My scars might offend some people, I hope not. My choice to stay flat might cause some people to think I’m strange, but that’s their issue. There are thousands of women like me - some who are not so lucky and are forced down the reconstruction route against their wishes. How utterly wrong is that?

At Skarlette, we’re embracing and celebrating flat women and we’re delighted to have our own range of beautiful lingerie just for women like us. When women are going through uncontrollable changes to their body, we want to help them love their body again.

Empowering women to embrace their changed bodies is central to the existence of Skarlette. It doesn't happen quickly, but we just hope to make it less painful.


  • Is your lingerie suitable for women with really small breasts who haven’t had surgery? X

  • Is your lingerie suitable for women with really small breaststroke who haven’t had surgery? X


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