Skarlette's success since our launch

Skarlette lingerie has been reaching customers for a few weeks since our launch at the beginning of May.

We have been reaching women all over the world, but if you'd have asked us if we expected 43% of our orders to be shipped internationally during our first quarter since launching, we would certainly not have thought this would be possible. The reviews we have received from near and far have been truly humbling and made us quite emotional too.

As well as wonderful and positive reviews, we have had comments and feedback as to how to save money on packaging; other designs and colours that are desired and how to accommodate different body shapes. We've been approached several times about extending our range to include knickers for women that have undergone surgery for different reasons and cannot find underwear that is comfortable. So soon into our business experience, we feel honoured to be approached with these requests and would love to fulfill these in the future.

Great reviews and happy customers, as well as women finding ispiration and support from our social media accounts and website makes us feel very proud and very happy. However, we were also honoured to be nominated for the Enterprise Vision Awards which is running for the 10th year. These awards are the North West's premier business awards for women and we have been nominated for the new start-up category. There is so much more to tell, but we have to keep that quiet for now!

Some of the messages women send us demonstrates how we differ from a purely retail company. Skarlette lingerie has been reaching customers who have their own story to tell, their own challenges to face and their own confidence to restore. If we can help with that, that's very much a part of Skarlette's success.

We have been recognised as being innovative and inclusive with our lingerie - pop the corks! That is exactly what we set out to achieve with our design of the Skarlette - providing sexy lingerie for flat women, who still want to look and feel feminine and attractive without a cleavage. So Skarlette's success so far has led to us being registered onto the Innovate UK EDGE programme for business support and coaching and a whole new world of doors to open. These really are exciting times that we hope lead us to expand our range of lingerie and swimwear in the Skarlette collection.

And as if that isn't enough for 3 months since our launch... we are busy training for the Manchester 10K run on September 26th, which we are running with a total team number of 45. Yes, 45! Team Skarlette will be pounding those streets of Manchester helping to raise money for Prevent Breast Cancer, and we are really proud to be part of such a great fund raising opportunity.

To complete our piece of news of Skarlette's success since our launch, we were featured in a beautiful Canadian, fellow breast cancer survivor's, advertisement of post-surgical lingerie for women remaining flat after mastectomy. Tina was so flattering about our choice of lace, the feel of the seams and the design of the Skarlette for women who had undergone breast cancer surgery, that we felt very proud to have created this gorgeous piece of lingerie. Thank you @not_in_the_pink_ so very much for your wonderful support.















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