Skarlette photoshoot empowering flat women and cancer survivors

Skarlette photoshoot empowering flat chested and small chested women and  helping to restore confidence and femininity to breast cancer survivors.

Heather & Kate spent an inspirational and rewarding day shooting some of their latest range with a team of supportive and incredible women, and the result couldn't be anything less than absolutely fantastic! Let's tell you all about it, introduce you to these wonderful women and give you a sneak peak at some of the items...

"Our models represent the real women who wear and love our designs". Heather met Jo and Jackie when she was taking part in the Maggie's on the Runway fund raising event in 2021, both has suffered breast cancer. Jo's single mastectomy resulted in reconstruction and Jackie had a double mastectomy, choosing, like Heather, to remain flat. Sade meanwhile, spent many years working in Paediatrics with Heather, and her smaller cup size makes the large Heather Skarlette a comfortable and luxurious choice for her.

The day started bright and early with coffee and croissants while Sophie Brown made the girls feel special having their make-up done for them, enhancing their natural gorgeousness - that's what Skarlette is all about after all. All women of all shapes, sizes and colour are beautiful and worthy and we want their experience with Skarlette to help remind them of that.

The Legh Arms in Prestbury has the most beautiful guest bedrooms. You can imagine Heather & Kate's delight when they were happy to let the photoshoot take place in this comfortable and picturesque location, and the models and photographer were in their element. Sarah Devaney, who has been with Skarlette from the beginning, was spoiled for choice with all the great photo opportunities.

"We actually ran out of time because we were having so much fun. It was just as well that we didn't have all the products from our new range for the shoot in the end! Matrix Design Services are an absolute dream to work with. Kate & I have never had the pleasure of such understanding and flexible manufacturing partners, who deliver quality with a very personal touch. They are working around the clock to meet our wish list which both we, and our customers appreciate very much. We can't wait to share it all with you.

As all of us that were modelling are not from this background, I mean you could give us a sick child to make better, or a child who needs education, but lingerie that needs modelling??? This doesn't come naturally and it's a step out of everyone's comfort zone. However, Skarlette is about real women, empowering flat women and cancer survivors, sharing stories and helping to restore confidence. That's exactly what our photoshoot achieved. The support, assistance, input and guidance from Debi Piper was priceless - every detail attended to and helping us to feel at ease and comforatble in our own skin with her eye and experience with styling - we look forward to future work with Debi."

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