Skarlette photo shoot boosting body confidence

I had no confidence in my body going through treatment for breast cancer, and when I had had a single mastectomy, I had even less. Our Skarlette photo shoot, boosting body confidence, was a million miles from where I’d come.

Breast cancer gives you a multitude of mixed emotions; on one hand you resent your breasts - they’re the enemy trying to kill you - take them away; on the other - they’re your femininity and part of you that you mourn when you lose. There is so much psychological and emotional torment tangled up in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as life beyond diagnosis.

The Skarlette photo shoot, demonstrating our beautiful lingerie, designed by flat women, for flat women, is living proof that each woman can regain her strength and femininity. Boosting body confidence and helping women psychologically and emotionally is just as important to Kate and I as the design of the lingerie.

Learning to trust your body, learning to love your body, accepting and celebrating your scars - all of this takes time and a lot of support and self love is key. The scars women bear are a part of their story and an illustration of their strength and resilience having been through a huge challenge full of obstacles and life threatening experiences. The Skarlette is our way of providing lingerie to help women demonstrate beauty and body confidence. 

For a woman to be offered the option of remaining flat after breast cancer surgery, we have some way to go. To have preventative or symmetrising surgery offered without a fight, we have some way to go. This needs to change. Remaining flat needs to be normalised. Boosting body confidence for these women, rather than the opposite, is so important. Women who lose their breasts through breast cancer, are every bit as feminine as every other and they deserve to feel that way and we hope that the Skarlette will go some way to achieving that for them.

The Skarlette photo shoot had me nervous as hell! But my word, I enjoyed it. Boosting body confidence gives you such a strength. Women need that boost. They need to learn to love themselves and celebrate their scars and this is where our name the Skarlette was born.

Sexy, strong, sophisticated Skarlette.

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