Setting up the Skarlette® website

Skarlette websiteAll good plans and all that! Our original plans fell through quite late in the day, and not having the money it costs to have a professional to build our website, we decided to take the plunge!

So, a nurse and a pilot did a crash course and have hopefully achieved a really attractive and professional, but most importantly, easy to navigate website. Yeah, it looked easy enough to begin with as there are templates to guide you, however, the reality is quite different. IT has never been our strongest points, and we think colleagues who work in IT would laugh their socks off at the thought of us actually doing this - but there you go. We DID IT! Yes it's given us headaches, nightmares and sleepless nights, but we were so pleased to press the "GO" button when we open this up to you on Bank Holiday Monday.

Building this website (especially in a virtual world when you can't even sit side by side and work problems out) has been a huge learning curve, a huge pain in the backside, but a huge achievement and we are actually really proud. We really hope everyone else thinks it's as good as we do. And we will really value feedback so we can make the necessary changes to make it even better. we want the use of our website in finding your perfect Skarlette® to be a good experience.

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