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Say hello to new lingerie line for flat women

Say hello to new lingerie line for flat women.

Spring is finally here and with it comes a new lingerie line for flat women by Skarlette® Limited. Following the Skarlette® brand launch  one of our fundamental values is to give women the opportunity to buy sexy lingerie at an affordable price.

Who are Skarlette® Limited?

Heather had breast cancer and remains flat following surgery. Remaining flat was where the idea originated for the start-up company. In 2019, during a breast cancer awareness campaign run by the charity Prevent Breast Cancer, she met and talked to other women like her. Back then, Heather had no idea that, within a couple of years, she would be involved in launching our own company. Heather was so pleased that Kate, a commercial pilot, decided to join her with her creative and sewing talents. And with that, Skarlette® Limited was created. As company Directors, we are proud to now be presenting our new lingerie line for flat women. Our new bra The Skarlette® has been designed by flat women for flat women.

Why The Skarlette®

This new idea for a bra was brought about due to the lack of underwear available for women living flat after breast cancer surgery. Post-mastectomy bras are generally designed to hold a breast form (prosthesis) and they tend to be quite expensive and not very attractive. So, we wanted to give women value for money and sexy lingerie. Being flat ourselves we know there is a problem with post-surgery lingerie.  The Skarlette has been carefully designed for maximum comfort in mind, to still be fabulously sexy and help you feel amazing.


How we got here

A lot of researching of underwear to confirm that there really is very little available to accommodate women’s needs following breast cancer surgery. Kate has made many prototypes over the pandemic and we have instructed three manufacturing companies who were experienced in making bras. As a new company and with the 2 of us new to business, there has been an incredible amount of learning prior to our launch. It has been hard, it has been exciting, and we have been lucky to have been given invaluable advice from a number of very experienced businesswomen, for that we are hugely grateful.

Made in Manchester

We wanted to give our economy any help we could following the devastation of the pandemic. Had this not been important to us we could probably have launched our new underwear brand several months ago. We value the heritage the U.K has in manufacturing and have chosen to move our production even closer to home. So, in keeping with the Manchester based Prevent Breast Cancer charity, we now also have a Manchester based manufacturer to produce the first of our sexy new lingerie line for flat women. Made in England is fabulous anyway, but having the “Made in Manchester” stamp is an additional bonus. This has been another major achievement for our new company.

 Our Vision for the future

Our new idea doesn’t stop at sexy lingerie; we have lots in the range to launch. Choosing swimwear can be another source of stress and disappointment for women following breast cancer surgery and our new company has some really pretty new ideas to solve this problem too. Our bikinis, based on the patterns and design of our Skarlettes®, called Skarlettinis will be launched for 2022 and, like the Skarlette®, will give women value for money as well as pure satisfaction wearing them.

We want women to feel strong, beautiful and proud wearing our underwear and swimwear. We want to give women the confidence back in their bodies and to feel good about themselves. new underwear and swimwear are all about body positivity. The Skarlette® is a statement saying, “I am enough”.

Each Skarlette® has a matching pair of pretty knickers. The creation of this pattern did give us a bit of a headache! The initial design was just a little bit too sexy, so we needed to tweak here and there in order to please. Once our business is established and profitable, we will be donating a proportion of the sales from our Skarlettes® to the PBC Charity, which is important to me as a BooBee Ambassador for the charity (you can read about that on our website).   


During our research and development, we found that our underwear appeals to naturally flat chested women who have not had breast cancer. These women would be interested in more revealing knickers and our new company is keen to develop this line too. We had no idea that we could be producing beautiful underwear for these women too; our new idea began growing before we even launched, and we couldn’t be prouder.

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