New Skarlette manufacturing partnership

We are really excited to announce that we have a new Skarlette manufacturing partnership. One of our core values has been producing our high quality and beautiful lingerie in the U.K and we're pleased to say that we are still managing to achieve this, even though we are expanding.

Our new manufacturing partnership isn't only in the U.K though, nor only in the North West... it is even closer than our previous manufacturers in Manchester, and is practically on our doorstep in Stockport!

We have had many headaches, lots of sleepless nights, too many decisions to make and challenges that tested our resillience. We have talked with many manufacturers, had several samples of our Skarlettes made, researched all our options... We are both familiar with life throwing curve balls, we both face challenges and obstacles in our personal lives, and we weren't prepared to be defeated on this.

You know when you're house hunting and you walk in the place your gut tells you is home? Well that's how we felt when we visited our new manufacturing partners at Matrix Design Services. Along with Annie & Sheila, we are hugely excited about the developments and possibilities for Skarlette, and we couldn't be working with more lovely, honest and talented people.

Here's a few words from Matrix Design Services...

"My name is Annie and I am one of the owners here at Matrix Design Services, based in Stockport. Matrix was started by my grandma, Sheila, after having two children born just over a year apart, and finding that she needed an alternative to working in a traditional 9-5, in order to balance work and a busy family life. Having a background in business and a passion for fashion, she started the company with the aim to provide bespoke garment manufacturing to individuals and companies who wanted a more personalised service and perhaps didn’t want to order the huge quantities required by the big factories. Fast forward some years, and I found that working as a tax advisor wasn’t going to work for me, so I joined Matrix and shortly after, welcomed my two sons in May 2020 and June 2021 – just over a year apart and two pandemic babies! We were introduced to Heather, Kate and the Skarlette and knew straight away that we would love to work with them and further this incredible idea of theirs."

This isn't the end of our good news and developments though, so we'll leave another cliff hanger right here and tell you more another day! Keep following our social media to see what's coming next.

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