Making our dream a reality

As novice business women we have come so far. We have achieved so much and now we need to exercise a lot of patience and resilience and overcome a few obstacles in order to make our dream a reality. 

Our original estimated costs of production increased by 2-3 times and made manufacture impossible at this price. This is apparently because we only have a small order, as a start-up business that's not unusual, but manufacturers don't want our business. After all our hard work and our promises to women who have undergone double mastectomy without reconstruction, to bring our Skarlette® to the market at a reasonable price, we aren't about to quit.

We have done more researching, ringing around, contacting friends and people who can help, and we have more opportunities open to us than we ever imagined. We found our partner in Ella & Me, and we are so proud and pleased to  bring the Skarlette® to the market; we needed to be patient and wait for the right time and the right team.

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