Coronation Street star Sally Dynevor, Patron of the Prevent Breast Cancer charity, breast cancer survivor.


Coronation Street star Sally Dynevor, became a Patron of the charity Prevent Breast Cancer around 20 years ago. Over the years, Sally has raised thousands of £s for the charity, launched numerous fundraising campaigns and shared her breast cancer story and work for Prevent Breast Cancer with the media. Sally also appeared at the opening of The Nightingale Centre in 2007.

As an ambassador myself for PBC, I asked Sally if she would like to write a guest blog for Skarlette, formed especially to provide women living flat after breast cancer surgery with beautiful lingerie. Here are a few words from Sally, starting with her most recent challenge for PBC, and why...

One of Sally’s recent challenges (2019) was to climb to Base Camp, Mount Everest to raise funds for PBC. The Coronation Street legend was told she had breast cancer in November 2009 - so decided this would be the 'perfect challenge' to mark her 10 year milestone from diagnosis.

Sally is dedicated to Prevent Breast Cancer and works tirelessly to raise awareness of their cause. She truly believes in their mission to prevent breast cancer for the next generation.

“My grandmother on my mum’s side had breast cancer, but she was in her late 70s and I don’t have the gene, so getting breast cancer myself was a complete shock to me.

Every year feels so important to me - to be further away from my diagnosis. It will be 12 years this October and I’m so happy!

Finding underwear following breast cancer I found quite hard, but I managed to find a bra that suited me. It needed to be comfortable, but I didn’t want it to be dowdy. Finding suitable bikinis can also be tricky. My scar is pretty central so it’s hard finding bikinis that cover it but I’m getting used to showing it and not worrying what people think.

People deal with their diagnosis and recovery in different ways. For me, I haven’t really changed my lifestyle. I recognise how important exercise is and sleeping well and I’m quite careful with what I eat, but a little of what you fancy… as they say!


So going all out for fresh air and exercise, I decided to join the PBC Everest Base Camp trip to raise funds for the charity. One of my highlights from our trip was going to the top of Kala Patar with Nikki (Exec. Director of Prevent Breast Cancer), which was such an incredible view. Reaching Base Camp with such a wonderful bunch of people is a moment that will stay with me forever. I shared a room with Maggie and we had lots of giggles together. Maggie is a very special woman who volunteers for PBC.

It was definitely a challenging trip and amongst the high points, there were always moments that would be more challenging than others. I’d say one of the lowest points for me was probably when the sun went down of an evening and the temperature would drop and it would be so cold.

We have all faced the challenges of the last 18 months or so with the pandemic and the many effects it has had on every aspect of our lives. It has been difficult filming for Coronation Street during the pandemic, but as we are all so grateful to be working, everyone is just so happy to be there. We social distance at all times of course, we wear masks until it’s time for our take. You can imagine that it’s hard to film relationships or stunts in these circumstances though, as you can’t get near anyone! However, we are so lucky to be doing what we love.

I think it is really important to treat others how you wish to be treated, and the pandemic has seen many examples of wonderful human kindness. Empathy in this world is so important. Just be kind. Now I’m off to make the best lemon drizzle cake ever! My sister-in-law makes this for me every year for my birthday, it’s mouth-wateringly delicious and the recipe is available in More Than A Manchester Tart cookery book, available from the Prevent Breast Cancer website shop.”

 Find out more about Sally and her work for Prevent Breast Cancer here.

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